Whitney Lightner - President

Whitney has been involved in Canine sports for more then 20 years. She began her training in basic obedience and behaviors. In 1993 Whitney discovered Dog Agility and has never looked back! She became a founding member of the largest agility club in Arizona and then in 2006, she discovered Dock Diving with her very exuberant border collie, Aero. He was already a successful agility dog and was ready to try any kind of water sport. His first jump ever landed him at 11+ feet and he continued to excel in the sport thru his legend years. Whitney has since trained multiple personal dogs, has been invited the last 5 years to attend the Dockdogs World Championships and currently holds the 3rd place position, world ranking for Extreme Vertical with her dog Gripp. Whitney is continuing to compete in multiple sports with her dogs and stays very active in the local canine community.

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