Fundraising at Arizona Dockdogs

Arizona DockDogs is a 501c3 Non-Profit Club!!!
We’re just a small club and hosting competitions is expensive so here are a couple ways to help the club earn money without any cost to you, all you have to do is sign up.

Fry’s Food Stores - If you shop at Fry’s you already have a Fry’s card, so link it to AZDD and help us earn some money. Fry’s has a Community Rewards program that you can sign up for to earn CASH for Arizona Dock Dogs just by shopping. But the catch is…you have to sign up. Below are some easy instructions to sign up for the Community Rewards Program at Fry’s. IT IS A LOT EASIER THAN IT LOOKS.

Option 1: Fry's Food Stores

Click here for Directions

Option 2: Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile Amazon has an amazing program that works directly with your existing Amazon account. A majority of their products are in the program and they SHARE the profits of your purchases with Non-Profit organizations. If you shop Amazon, please link your account to Arizona Dockdogs.
Listing: Arizona Dock Dogs

*** If you or your company would be interested in a sponsorship, please see our sponsorship page for more information and sponsor packet.

Our year to date on fundraising:

  • Amazon $65.82 in two installments
  • Kroger $199.84 in two installments
  • Voya $3800.00 as matching

  • Membership